Sunday, March 18, 2012

Adobe Audition CS5.5 Portable

Adobe® Audition® CS5.5 software delivers the professional tools you need to make your video and audio productions sound their best. Handle a wide range of audio production tasks efficiently, including recording, mixing, and sound restoration.

Produce audio efficiently

Speed up production through a fast, flexible workflow with Adobe® Premiere® Pro software, OMF file exchange with other audio post tools, and XML project exchange with other NLEs in Adobe Audition® CS5.5 software. Mix for surround sound and multichannel audio natively.

Edit, sweeten, and restore audio

Quickly clean up and finalize audio for video, radio, TV, or film. Turn poor-quality production audio into great soundtracks using best-of-class noise reduction and sweetening tools. Get rid of hums, clicks, pops, and other unwanted noises.

Design soundscapes

Mix multiple tracks containing dialogue, music, sound beds, and SFX to create vibrant soundscapes. Download royalty-free environmental sounds, Foley effects, and music that add emotion and nuance to your projects through Resource Central.

8 commenti :

Anonymous said...

May be you can have for us Adobe CS6 portable? Thank you.

YG Tha SuperStar said...

Thx appreciate hope it works lol

YG Tha SuperStar said...

Thx iHope it Works hahaha

The House of Portable said...

hey man we made also the newer CS6 version portable!! see the post ;)

Anonymous said...

wont run, dvacore.dll is missing

The House of Portable said...

HERE's THE SOLUTION!!!! U must install the Microsoft REdistributable Package 2010 in your computer then audition will work perfectly!!

however y u no try out the newer cs6 version, it's better ;)

arga fajar said...

it's doesn't work for win 8.1

The House of Portable said...

Yes that's due to adobe because this is old, download the newer CC 2014

You can find more here.

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