Thursday, August 30, 2012

Google SketchUp Pro 8 Portable +VRay Plugins

3D for everyone

SketchUp Pro: Powerful, fast and accurate
  • Build precise 3D models on the fly
  • Exchange files with other software
  • Create compelling 2D design documents
  • Generate reports, PDFs and more

SketchUp Pro 8

SketchUp Pro is 3D modeling software for professionals. SketchUp is easy and intuitive, allowing anyone to model in 3D quickly and accurately. Using 3D models, designers can make more informed decisions, communicate project details, and share ideas with colleagues and customers to reach a common goal. Learn more

LayOut 3

SketchUp Pro includes LayOut, a 2D documentation and presentation tool for professionals. LayOut combines 3D models with text and 2D drawing elements to create design documents, construction drawings and compelling digital presentations. Learn more

Included the VRay Plugins in this portable!

16 commenti :

mike said...

cool dude

Anonymous said...

Which exact versions are included ?
sketchup ?
vRay ?

The House of Portable said...

this is SketchUp Pro 8 in portable versions, with vray plugins included.. just the plugins uh not a vray software!

lorraine said...

Thank you so much for this. I've been looking for a portable Sketchup+Vray for a long time. I'm so glad I found your web blog. Keep up your good work! ^__^

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to add the SketchyPhysics plugins, somehow?
With another SU8 portable (no vray) i tried to add the Physics by copying its folder from a regular plugin installation over to the portable plugin folder. Didn't work :(

The House of Portable said...

nop u cant; portables work like this :/

jigz Mier said...

can you make google sketchup portable plus vray 1.6 beta plugin? is it possible,

The House of Portable said...

Isn't this the same, Cmon don't be mad about the version, it's just a number

Bruno da Silva said...


I have been using this portable version for a long time, without any najor problems, the strange thing happended to me yesterday though. I open the program and the file...i work on it and when i try to save it it simply shut down...i open again, this time i start the render, when i try to save shuts down again.... any idea?


The House of Portable said...

It is just.. Yeah strange! I don't know hmm really, maybe try to delete the sandbox folder but I don't know if it helps

Penalis Puspa said...

But too confusing to download them all

The House of Portable said...

Sorry. But.. Just know that you're the first to say that in 3 years :)

Zul said...


Do you have Sketchup Pro Portable for Mac ?


The House of Portable said...

Nope Mac doesn't need portable stuff, search for sketch up Mac on the Internet

ismael gonzalez said...

hi, great job, can you uploadit again with sketchyphysics included?

The House of Portable said...

i'll see what i can do :)

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