Software Audio
Creators and Editors
Adobe Audition CS5.5
Adobe Audition CS6
Adobe Audition CC
Ableton Suite 8
Ableton Suite 9
FL Studio 10 Producer Edition
FL Studio 11 Signature Bundle
Sony Sound Forge Pro 10 (+CD Architect)
Sony ACID Pro 7 +Plugins pack
DarkWave Studio
Samplitude Pro X
Free Studio

DJ Mixing
Virtual DJ Pro 7.0
Virtual DJ Pro 7.4
Traktor Pro 2.5

Music Notation
AVID Sibelius 7
Neuratron Photoscore Ultimate 6.1
Neuratron Photoscore Ultimate 7 [trial]
MakeMusic Finale 2012c
GVox Encore

iTunes 10
QuickTime Pro 7
Cyberlink PowerDVD 12

EarMaster Pro 5


Anonymous said...

Hello Admin,

I am interested with your works and would like to ask if is it's just okay if I link to your website?

I am gathering partners to spread my blog and would like to know if is it possible?

I would like to feature your the contents of your website on my blog.

The House of Portable said...

i think yes but are u a bit famous or not? bcos u earn visitors by us if u link here but also we have to earn somth right

Anonymous said...

How about Makemusic Finale? I think it's a good software. I wish it's had portable version.

The House of Portable said...

Oh yes, yes! Found it 2012c should be ok. Stay tuned! I've a lot to do

Mark said...

Many thanks, I would appreciate very much (and not only me, I'm sure) Finale 2014m which is a great improvement of this software. Thanks again for your work

Mark said...

Lot of thanks for your work. I would (and not only me) Finale 2014, which is a great improvement of this software. Thanks again for your huge work.

The House of Portable said...

Cmon the 2013 version is already there and it's still awesome :) I'm sorry I forgot to put it in this page.

Joseph Johnson said...

I am having problem downloading files from tus. I keep getting spam downloads and not the file I chose.

The House of Portable said...

The FAQ page was made to help people like you