Software Audio
Creators and Editors
Adobe Audition CS5.5
Adobe Audition CS6
Adobe Audition CC
Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014
Ableton Suite 8
Ableton Suite 9
Ableton Suite 9.1.3
Ableton Suite 9.1.7
FL Studio 10 Producer Edition
FL Studio 11 Signature Bundle
Sony Sound Forge Pro 10 (+CD Architect)
Sony ACID Pro 7 +Plugins pack
DarkWave Studio
Samplitude Pro X
Free Studio
Cyberlink PowerDirector 12

DJ Mixing
Virtual DJ Pro 7.0
Virtual DJ Pro 7.4
Virtual DJ Pro 8
Traktor Pro 2.5

Music Notation
AVID Sibelius 7
AVID Sibelius 7.5
Neuratron Photoscore Ultimate 6.1
Neuratron Photoscore Ultimate 7 [trial]
MakeMusic Finale 2012c
GVox Encore

iTunes 10
QuickTime Pro 7
Cyberlink PowerDVD 12

EarMaster Pro 5

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Anonymous said...

Hello Admin,

I am interested with your works and would like to ask if is it's just okay if I link to your website?

I am gathering partners to spread my blog and would like to know if is it possible?

I would like to feature your the contents of your website on my blog.

The House of Portable said...

i think yes but are u a bit famous or not? bcos u earn visitors by us if u link here but also we have to earn somth right

Anonymous said...

How about Makemusic Finale? I think it's a good software. I wish it's had portable version.

The House of Portable said...

Oh yes, yes! Found it 2012c should be ok. Stay tuned! I've a lot to do

Mark said...

Many thanks, I would appreciate very much (and not only me, I'm sure) Finale 2014m which is a great improvement of this software. Thanks again for your work

Mark said...

Lot of thanks for your work. I would (and not only me) Finale 2014, which is a great improvement of this software. Thanks again for your huge work.

The House of Portable said...

Cmon the 2013 version is already there and it's still awesome :) I'm sorry I forgot to put it in this page.

Joseph Johnson said...

I am having problem downloading files from tus. I keep getting spam downloads and not the file I chose.

The House of Portable said...

The FAQ page was made to help people like you

Adam Zahradník said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The House of Portable said...

It's already there, are you blind? :)

ANOCraft Main said...

Oh, sorry. Deleteing the comment...

The House of Portable said...

Didn't matter :)

You can find more here.

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