Software Video:
(x86) Adobe After Effects CS4 +Plugins
(x64) Adobe After Effects CS6 11.0.1 +RedGiant Pluginz
(x64) Adobe After Effects CC
(x64) Adobe After Effects CC 2014
(x64) Adobe After Effects CC 2015
(x86-x64) Adobe Premiere Pro CS4-CS6 +RedGiant Pluginz
(x64) Adobe Premiere Pro CC
(x64) Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014
(x64) Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015
Adobe Premiere Elements 11
(x64) Adobe Prelude CC
(x64) Adobe Speedgrade CC
(x64) Adobe Flash Professional CC
(x64) Adobe Flash Professional CC 2015
Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014
Adobe Edge Animate CC 2014
(x86+x64) Cinema 4D Studio R13 [3D]
(x86+x64) Cinema 4D Studio R14 [3D]
(x64) Cinema 4D Studio R15 [3D]
(x64) Cinema 4D Studio R16 [3D]
e-on Vue xStream 10 [3D]
Anime Studio Pro 8 [cartoon]
Anime Studio Pro 9.2 [cartoon]
Anime Studio Pro 10.1 [cartoon]
Toon Boom Studio [cartoon]
Boujou 5
Free Studio
HitFilm Ultimate 1.1
(x64) HitFilm Ultimate 2.0
Nero 2014 Platinum
Cyberlink PowerDirector 12

Camtasia Studio 7.1
Camtasia Studio 8
Free Studio

QuickTime Pro 7
Cyberlink PowerDVD 12
Nero 2014 Platinum

AVS Video Converter
Xilisoft AVCHD Converter
Free Studio
Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014

aTube Catcher
Free Studio
Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014

29 commenti :

Anonymous said...

*Salve, Sony Vegas Pro 11 +Plugins NewBlueFX non funziona, ho scaricato i due file .rar e scompattato il programma, ma Windows mi dice che non è un eseguibile a 32 Bit.
Cosa ho sbagliato?
Grazie e Ciao*

The House of Portable said...

non hai sbagliato niente, vegas è a 32bit! è che a volte windows da questo tipo di errori chissà perché, a volte capita pure a me ma poi se riavvio di solito va.. non so cosa lo causi

THOP4LIFE said...

can you guys make a portable DVD burner? DVD flick would be awesome!

The House of Portable said...

cmon we did imgburner, it does the same thing.. we can't make all the programs portable, we'd like to have 1 portable for each thing to do, not 1 portable for each program ;)

Pranav P said...

Can you add "Video Copilot Optical Flares" plugin in After Effects portable and re-upload?

The House of Portable said...

Seriously, it takes hours to make a portable.
You can add your own plugins to after effects, and I've already written how to do that. On my bad, maybe you have to buy optical flares. Cmon, go support that awesome guy

T - Rex said...


Can you tell us how can we use plugins with portable versions ???

The House of Portable said...

You're not always able to, but in most cases you can, go see the after effects CC post and you'll see how to add them, if you need to add stuff to another program just change the folder name but the rest is almost the same, well I'm sure you'll find your way

Modadvance By Alessio said...

vegas è solo 64 bit

The House of Portable said...

Dillo a Sony :) comunque la versione 12 è a 64bit ma la 11 è 32

Vincenzo Testa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The House of Portable said...

Hmm i software Avid sono molto rari e (come se non bastasse) irrimediabilmente complicati. Poi è un bel po' che non faccio portable come vedi, per altri impegni. :(

Alex James said...

Would it be possible to release a DVD ripper? I would love to be able to rip movies from my DVD's on any computer I have access to.

The House of Portable said...

Well maybe in the future.. For now look somewhere else cos by now I'm off and I don't make portables :)

True Light said...

Thank yous so much!!!
I'm searching all over the net for almost 2 weeks just to find that adobe after effects w/c is compatible w/ my netbook(32-bit) now it was also portable!! awesome!!
thank you! thank you!! thank you!!
I hope it works well on my NB after all the downloads!!
Thank you again!!

The House of Portable said...

Glad you like us :) all the videos you can find on our YouTube have been done with that Ae cs4. Also our colorful blog wallpaper has been done with it! So it works really well :)

jmadblast kira said...

Wow! this is incredibly awesome stuff you got here :D
I hope there's TypeMonkey too in the plugins, but it's okay... what you have here is something :)

jmadblast kira said...

Wow! thank you! you've got some awesome stuff here :D
I hope there's also TypeMonkey, that would be great but this is cool enough to have :D Thanks!

The House of Portable said...

Hmm never heard it I'm sorry :/ I'm quite sure it's not in any of my portables! Sorry :(

Ariel Solorzano said...

You guys are great :) Thanks for your hard work!!!

MaX said...

Hello ! Could you make Sony Vegas pro 13 or 12 v770 cause the 12 version you done has several big bugs.

Thank you very much!

The House of Portable said...

added vegas13 to the todo list :)

Andreansyah Dwiwibowo said...

Do you have after effects CS5.5 ? My computer will not run CS 6 because it has 2GB RAM.

The House of Portable said...

No i don't, but trust me the cs6 will work for you. You should also try CC 2014 - yes! It will work! Portable world :)

jeferson silva said...

Files want some password to unlock the binbox link What's the password ?
sorry the English I'm using google translator

The House of Portable said...

It's written in the FAQ page, point 6, there's also a clear image explaining that :)

jeferson silva said...

the house of portable sorry for the misunderstanding, I had not paid attention to it :)

gabriella nemeth said...

Hi! I am really glad I've found your site, its very usefull for me :)

There is an error with the "(x86-x64) Adobe Premiere Pro CS4-CS6 +RedGiant Pluginz". I would like to download it, so could you take a look if you can fix it?

Thanks :)

The House of Portable said...

Please explain better your 'error' so I can help you

You can find more here.

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